Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation applies to virtually any dispute that arises within the context of business. Common examples include breach of contract cases, suits to collect debts, joint venture and partnership disputes, class action lawsuits, civil RICO claims, and allegations of breach of fiduciary duty.

Commercial Litigation is something that many business owners face at some point during their career. It is not always indicative of conflict or individual shortcomings, however. Often, commercial litigation cases are brought forward in order to be arbitrated by an impartial party so submitted to mediation. If you find yourself facing commercial litigation and are in need of the services of a commercial litigation attorney, you will want to have some idea of what is involved and what you need to look out for.

Why You Need a Good Litigation Attorney

A good commercial litigation attorney will be able to quickly, efficiently, and accurately assess the issue and make a sound judgment on how to best proceed. Whenever you find yourself in the midst of commercial litigation, ensure that you have a qualified commercial litigation lawyer on hand to advise you. The best commercial litigation attorneys understand when is the time to attack and when is the time to defend. They also won’t shy away from telling you if your case is weak to non-existent.

Without the services of a commercial litigation lawyer, you and your company will be much more exposed. At JM&A we pride ourselves in providing the best quality legal advice to individuals and other business entities at a reasonable price. We are prepared to take on any commercial litigation challenges and will make every effort to provide you with the highest quality of commercial litigation attorney.

Our Experience

Commercial litigation is becoming a more and more frequent occurrence for many law firms, with cases being fought in a number of different areas and between a multitude of different parties. Wherever two different businesses meet there is the potential for a commercial litigation situation. We have handled a variety of commercial litigation cases and consequently, we are always able to pair clients with an experienced commercial litigation attorney.

We have represented local citizens such as farmers and ranchers in a number of different areas where they have required a commercial litigation lawyer. We also have experience providing a commercial litigation lawyer for individuals who may have suffered work-related injuries or be facing an unfair termination of their employment. In such cases, having access to a commercial litigation lawyer is the only hope that many ordinary citizens have of receiving a fair hearing in disputes with commercial entities.

Hearings for commercial litigation cases can occur in a variety of venues, including state and federal courts, as well as private arbitrations and administrative hearings. Every commercial litigation attorney that works for us is passionate about the people that they represent and our team is constantly striving to provide an exceptional service..

Cases of commercial litigation aren’t always between two businesses, they can also be between individuals, or even the federal and state governments. Every commercial litigation lawyer on our staff has experience in arguing cases in a variety of venues and between very different parties. In order to work effectively, our attorneys apply their experience and training to speedily identify the motives and outlooks of the parties involved in order to build a more well-rounded understanding of the case. A good commercial litigation lawyer will effectively and efficiently identify any weak spots in the other party’s case while knowing the strongest points in their own case. It is the job of a commercial litigation attorney to persuade the judge or jury to see things their client’s way.

Over the last decade, the landscape of commercial litigation has changed somewhat, our lawyers have noticed a dramatic uptick in cases that require a multidisciplinary approach and are increasingly involving parties from across several districts and locales. The stakes are also higher than they once were and every commercial litigation attorney we have is prepared for this.

Areas We Have Worked In

Law firms with less experience in commercial litigation are more likely to make basic errors and aren’t as well prepared for the high stakes game that commercial litigation proceedings have become. We have experience in providing litigation under a number of different scenarios. Every commercial litigation lawyer we have on our staff has argued cases in multiple areas.

Among the areas with which we have established ourselves as effective litigation attorneys are commercial, contract, employment and construction litigation. JMA’s lawyers have gained considerable experience in this area and have advised a broad range of individuals and businesses who have had trouble with breaches of contract within the construction sector. Common issues encountered by our attorneys in these areas include property, casualty, and professional errors as well as matters of omission.

We also are proud to advocate on behalf of individuals who are facing trouble because of an unfair dismissal or other issue with their employer. Representing parties in this arena has proved hugely rewarding for our team and we are glad to be able to provide a high-quality service to individuals who would struggle to fight their case alone. Our lawyers have assisted in all the major issues one would expect which relate to matters of employment and the workplace.

Our work in this arena also includes helping clients to argue cases of sexual harassment, intimidation, and other threatening behavior exhibited by their employer. We also assist in cases where employees are being underpaid or their employer is otherwise shirking their legal and moral obligations to our clients. Our attorneys are experienced in equal opportunities and human rights laws which are implemented in workplaces across the United States.

We have also assisted clients in casualty and property claims, and have also handled cases of bad faith whereby businesses have acted unfairly towards our clients and, while they may not have violated their contract, have acted in such a way that their behavior amounts to bad faith.

Our Team

Jerry Moberg is the founder of JMA and is currently a managing partner. His law career stretches back some 40 years, making him our most experienced and prominent attorney. He has argued appellate cases in front of the United States Supreme Court, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the Washington State Supreme Court and Divisions I, II, and III of the State Court of Appeals. He has appeared in and tried cases in the United States District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Washington as well as many of the Superior Courts throughout the State. In addition to his extensive trial practice, he has also served as Superior Court Judge for Grant County. Jerry has also served as a member of the Board of Governors of the Washington State Bar Association.

Jim Barker is another experienced trial attorney who has worked as a litigator since 1979. He has experience in medical malpractice cases as well as a variety of other areas of litigation. Jim is a former member of the Board of Governors of the Washington State Bar Association.

Brian Christensen has been in practice since 1995. He has experience in both criminal law and civil cases. He also is experienced in defending business entities in a variety of commercial cases and employment cases.

Patrick Moberg works out of our office in Magnolia, near Seattle. He has been in practice since 2007 and under the training of his dad, Jerry, has developed experience In a number of areas of litigation, including business lawsuits against banks, business licensing issues with state and local entities and litigation involving the newly developing cannabis industry in Washington State.

Kara Masters is of counsel with JMA and has practiced law since 1993. She is well recognized in Washington as a commercial litigator in the area of insurance coverage disputes and construction related issues. She has held a number of positions of service with the Washington State Bar Association.

JM&A is proud of the high-quality service that we offer to all our clients. Whatever your individual needs, or the particular merits of your case, we are here to help.