Qualification Test for Washington Dissolution Online – Part 3

Qualification Test for Washington Dissolution Online

Answer each of the following questions to determine if you and your spouse qualify to use Washington Dissolution Online. Answering “No” to any of the questions below does not mean you cannot obtain a Dissolution in Washington, but rather that your situation may not be appropriate for Washington Dissolution Online.

Is this an uncontested Dissolution? In other words, have you and your spouse reached an agreement on how to divide your property and any debts, and if applicable, agreed on all issues regarding any children of the marriage? :

"Uncontested Dissolution" means that you and your spouse are amenable to getting a Dissolution and that you have reached a mutual agreement on how to divide your property and any debts. It also means that, if you have children of your marriage, you and your spouse have an agreement on child custody, visitation and support. If you feel that your spouse will "contest" the Dissolution, meaning that you and your spouse are not in full agreement, you should select "No."

You may not qualify to use our Uncontested Dissolution Service

It appears from your responses that your spouse may not or cannot sign the Dissolution documents. You may use our Uncontested Dissolution Service to process your case if your spouse is simply unwilling to sign the documents, but not actually contesting the Dissolution or wishing to litigate with you over property division and child related issues such as custody.

We can also process your case if you do not know the whereabouts of your spouse. A missing spouse case requires more legal steps and the costs are higher than a simple uncontested Dissolution case. But, we have developed an affordable pay-per-step process to assist you with completing a missing spouse Dissolution without an attorney representing you in court.

If your case is contested or if you wish to have an attorney represent you in court you should consult with a licensed Washington attorney who can explain your options and even represent your interests in court. If you cannot afford an attorney based on income criteria, you may qualify for free legal assistance. To learn whether you qualify for free assistance contact CLEAR at 1-888-201-1014.

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