Washington Dissolution Process – Part 3

Most couples seeking an uncontested Dissolution through Washington Dissolution Online do not have any children. You may still seek an uncontested Dissolution if you have children as long as no dispute exists between you and your spouse regarding the custody, care, and financial support of the children.

How many children were born or adopted during your marriage?: (required)

You should count any children born or adopted during your marriage that are under the age of 18 and dependent on you and your spouse for support.

Please provide Names and Ages for any children who were born or adopted during your marriage:

Is the wife currently pregnant? : (required)

This question should be answered "Yes" if the wife is pregnant at the time of filing the Dissolution even if the husband is not the father. Washington State law (RCW 26.26.116) presumes the husband is the father. If the husband or wife believes the husband is not the father, this presumption may be challenged up to two years after the birth of the child.