Washington Dissolution Process – Part 4

Washington State is a community property state. This simply means that anything you and your spouse obtained during your marriage is considered to belong equally to both spouses since it is presumed the property was purchased using community income (e.g. income earned by you and/or your spouse during the marriage).

Separate property is any property that a spouse had before the marriage or any property the spouse obtained by way of inheritance or gift (even if the inheritance or gift occurred during the marriage) or any property a spouse has obtained since separation.

All community and separate property must be identified and listed in your Dissolution petition. Community property must be divided between the spouses. In order to qualify for an uncontested Dissolution through Washington Dissolution Online you and your spouse must agree on how to divide all community property.

Do you and your spouse have any valuable property which was bought or acquired during your marriage?

Property may include a home, land, time-share, stock options, pensions, retirement accounts, cash, saving, pets, lottery winnings, family businesses, art, jewelry, antiques, guns, stamp collections and other collectibles, gifts, engagement rings, household contents, cemetery plots, country club memberships, etc.

Do you or your spouse have any separate property?

Separate property is property that was owned by a spouse prior to the marriage or obtained by the spouse as an inheritance or gift. For example, if your mother died and left you diamond ring, the diamond ring would be considered to be your separate property even if you received the diamond ring while you were married to your spouse.